How to Get a Library Card

Covington-Veedersburg District Public Library Card

Registration (users age 18 or more)

An adult who lives in the library district may obtain a library card at no charge. A valid Photo ID and proof of current residence within the library district must be presented and the official application card must be submitted.

Examples of acceptable verification of identity and address:

  1. Valid Indiana Driver's License which displays a current address
  2. Valid Indiana State ID card which displays a current address
  3. Current government issued photo ID (e.g., military ID, passport)

If the presented Photo ID does not display a current address, we will also need one of the following items which does include a current address:

  1. Valid voter registration card
  2. Apartment lease signed within the last 30 days
  3. Bank statement issued within the last 30 days
  4. Utility bill issued within the last 30 days
  5. Property tax receipt - current

Registration of Minors

Note: Children are eligible to receive a library card on or after their fourth birthday.

DEFINITION: For library registration purposes, "minor" is defined as anyone under 18 years of age.
A parent or guardian must sign the minor's application card at the library. The parent or guardian must present proof of residence within the library district to obtain the card at no charge.

Student Library Card for Students Living Out of the Library District

Public school students who reside outside the library district of Troy and VanBuren Townships, but who attend school at either the Covington Community School Corporation or the Southeast Fountain School Corporation are eligible to receive a Student Library Card at no charge. In addition, non-resident students enrolled in a non-public school which is located at least in part in the library district are entitled to a free student card as of 6/4/2009. The Student Library Card is specifically allowed by Indiana law IC 36-12-2-25(d) and P.L.1-2005, SEC. 49, and by a determination by the Covington-Veedersburg Public Library Board of Trustees.

Find out if you live within the Library District by using the
Fountain County Township Boundary Map or the Troy & VanBuren Township Map.

Non-Resident Card (Out-of-Township Card)

Non-Residents may have a Covington-Veedersburg Public Library Card, valid for one year at a time, by paying a non-resident fee of $58.00 per year. This entitles the patron to a green Evergreen Indiana library card which allows full access to Evergreen Indiana library materials.

PLAC (Public Library Access Card)

A Public Library Access Card must be purchased at a person's local library. The charge is $65.00 per year. This is an individual card for use only by the cardholder. Cards expire after 1 year.

Reciprocal Agreement Card

The name of a patron's local library must be listed on our reciprocal agreement sheet. The patron must have a current library card at the local library. The patron must be in good standing with the patron's local library. This entitles the patron to a blue Evergreen Indiana library card which allows access to only those materials owned by the Covington-Veedersburg Public Library.