Veedersburg: Past and Present

Downtown Veedersburg

Downtown Veedersburg 2012

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Historic Photographs

Veedersburg Brick Yard image

Brick Yard

Co-Op Building image

Co-Op Building

Old Dirt Road image

Dirt Road

Laying a Corner Stone image

Laying a Corner Stone

Rogers Park image

Rogers Park

Rogers Park Lover's Lane image

Rogers Park Lover's Lane

Rogers Park Playground image

Rogers Park Playground

Sterling Baseball Team image

Sterling Baseball Team

Sterling Drive

Sterling Drive

Sterling Motel image

Sterling Motel

Sterling School 1967 image

Sterling School 1967

Vburg Baseball Team image

Veedersburg Baseball Team

Vburg Depot Clover Leaf image

Veedersburg Depot Clover Leaf

Veedersburg Grade School image

Veedersburg Grade School

Veedersburg High School image

Veedersburg High School

Veedersburg  School 1969 image

Veedersburg School 1969

Veedersburg Railroad Depot image

Veedersburg Railroad Depot

Veedersburg Railroad Track image

Veedersburg Railroad Track

Veedersburg Second Street image

Veedersburg Second Street

Veedersburg S Second St image

Veedersburg S Second St

Veedersburg Street Pictur image

Veedersburg Street Picture